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Carl Bernstein Calls Trump COVID Tapes The Best Presidential Felony Of All Time


Carl Bernstein stated that the tapes of Trump admitting the deadliness of coronavirus is the best presidential felony of all time.

Bernstein stated on CNN:

It’s gorgeous, and I believe all of us have to take a deep breath and perceive precisely what it’s we have now realized. We’re listening to the president of america on tape intentionally undermining the safety — nationwide safety of america, the well being and properly being of the individuals of america, and he’s doing this knowingly, in realtime.

It’s the smoking gun of his negligence. And as these quotes you had been speaking about from Mattis and others, show his unfitness to the president and greater than something, as a substitute of leveling with the nation, he covers up. We hearken to him cowl up this grave nationwide emergency. This is without doubt one of the nice presidential felonies of all time, possibly the best presidential felony. And we have now the smoking gun tape of the president committing the felony.


Bernstein later precisely added that Trump was responsible of negligent murder, as he intentionally allowed people to die whose lives might have been saved with correct governance and management. It isn’t an exaggeration to counsel that Donald Trump is chargeable for the deaths of at minimal tens of hundreds of People.

None of this needed to occur. The tape of Trump speaking to Robert Woodward is a smoking gun and the best admission of a possible presidential felony in US historical past.

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