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Deep Sea Fishing Charters Saw Significant Growth in 2021


Deep sea fishing charters are increasingly becoming more popular in Florida.

Increased numbers of fishing vessels are being registered in the state of Florida. The increased demand is said to be attributed to an increase in tourists visiting the area. “We have had a boom of visitors coming in from all over the world,” says Michelle Wang, an official from the Florida Board of Tourism. “Many of them are looking to experience our beautiful beaches and diverse ocean life, which they can do up close by joining one of our many fishing charters.”

These boats provide services for both tourists and locals alike. Many people like Alan Channing, an avid angler, make it a point to take a fishing trip every time they visit Florida. “I’ve been coming here for many years,” he says, “and I love taking a boat out in the ocean and fishing wherever the captain decides best that day.”

This is attributed in part to an increase in interest in the conservation of marine life. According to National Geographic, the deep-sea fishing industry has seen an increase in business after an advertising campaign promoting the activity as a means of conserving ocean wildlife.

These spaces show deep sea fishing charters ads that promise no catch is too big or small, and every line will yield something. The advertisements are said to be part of a collaboration between fishing companies, local businesses, and non-profit organizations to promote fishing in Florida.

“We need to take care of our ocean’s marine life,” says Wang. “If we don’t, then our ecosystem will collapse.” She says that not only is fishing one of the best ways to conserve marine life, but it’s also a lot of fun. “We want people to experience our wonderful environment and think about keeping it around for future generations. People love our beaches, but they will love them, even more, when they know there is still plenty of fish in the sea.”

The news has been positive for the industry, with record-breaking years from one fishing charter company to another. Some companies claim that they’ve doubled their profits and seen at least three times the number of customers in the last year. However, with this influx of new anglers coming into Florida waters, there is a possible cause for concern because of the effects on ecosystems, such as overfishing and wildlife endangerment.

“Even if we do see an increase in visitors,” says Wang, “we have the best fishing guides and captains who will make sure that everything is done concerning marine life.” She says that there are rules set by the state of Florida that require fishing charters to return all animals that they catch during a trip back into the waters. “We cannot kill for sport,” she says, “so we make sure every animal is returned safely.”

There has not been an increase in accidents involving charter boats, likely since most require patrons to provide their equipment and bait. “We recommend that everyone comes prepared,” she says, “because we can tell if someone is serious about fishing or not.”

Wang also recommends that those interested in deep sea fishing charters look online to find a list of reputable charter boat companies. There they will be able to learn more about the various boats and captains and their safety records.