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Experts at Land Rover Service Adelaide Talk About How Often Cars Must Be Serviced


Vehicles of all makes and models must be serviced to run smoothly; regular servicing also means dealing with minor issues before they worsen.

Every car make and model is unique, but if there’s one similarity among them, it’s the fact that they all must be regularly serviced by a Land Rover service Adelaide. So the question now is how often you should have it serviced?

If you don’t know how often it should be done, you could risk having your car break down on the side of the road. It can also end up costing more money than if you took it in for a tune-up regularly. So while you might be tempted to take your car in as little as possible (if ever), consider these factors that affect your car’s need for regular service.

1) Driving Conditions

The driving conditions you experience will determine how often your car must be taken in for service. For example, if you frequently drive on the highway, there is more wear and tear than sticking to city streets. In addition, take into consideration whether or not you use your air conditioning regularly. Driving with the AC on is harder on your engine than driving in warm weather, so you will need to take it in more often if you turn your AC on regularly.

2) Fuel Quality and Age

Driving conditions aren’t the only thing that determines how often you must service your car; your fuel quality and the age of your car are also factors. If you travel a lot or drive your car regularly, it is essential to use high-quality fuel instead of regular unleaded gas. Cheap, low-grade gas can cause excessive wear on the engine because it doesn’t burn completely.

When it comes to the age of the vehicle, older cars will need more frequent tune-ups than newer models. The older the car, the more wear and tear it will have experienced – even if you haven’t driven far in it.

3) Your Driving Habits

Suppose you experience a hard knock or jostle. At the same time driving, take your car in for service immediately at a Land Rover service Adelaide to avoid engine damage due to a loosened engine or transmission connections. Don’t drive with your car in a jerky manner and avoid accelerating to speed when it isn’t necessary. Jerky driving can wear out components of the engine quickly, so be sure to keep your foot off the pedal if you are slowing down.

4) The Weather

While most people think about cold weather when they think about a car, heat is more likely to damage your engine. Hard stops and starts combined with high temperatures mean that your engine has been under stress for an extended period. So if you live in a hot area or regularly drive during the summer months, make sure to get your car checked out every 2,000 miles.

If your check engine light comes on, there could be something wrong with your catalytic converter. It must be tended to immediately because it affects how well your vehicle’s emissions systems are working.