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Experts Recommend Installing Hurricane Windows in Preparation for the Harsh Season, As Well As Other Strategies for Home Protection


The arrival of hurricane season forces property owners to take the necessary measures to keep their buildings and homes protected, and experts recommend doing something different this year.

Hurricanes wreak havoc in many parts of North America, and their unpredictability is why many people are affected each year. Experts contend that while there are uncontrollable variables, it doesn’t mean that property owners can do nothing to protect their homes and buildings. For places where there’s no need for evacuation, the best defence against this calamity is to fortify the structure. A couple of ways to minimize destruction are installing hurricane windows and keeping the roof in the best possible condition.

The hurricane season commences in June and lasts up to November, with storms at their harshest (and deadliest) form in August and October. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration correctly predicted an extremely active season last year. There was a potential of at least 20 storms, and half of them were powerful enough to become hurricanes.

Leading weather experts advise homeowners to keep things that let them communicate with the outside world and rescuers. Since hurricanes are likely to shut down powerlines or cause massive blackouts, things like flashlights, boots, gloves, water for drinking are a “must-have.”

Hurricane windows are one of the most underappreciated home additions. They don’t cost much, but they’re valuable when protecting the house or building from massive storms and hurricanes. The goal of installing these windows or a hurricane shutter is to avoid extensive damage to the house or building.

But not all hurricane windows work as they’re advertised. Home renovation contractors suggest that property owners focus on installing both impact-rated and impact-resistant windows. This is a critical attribute for windows meant to protect the entire structure from extreme winds and massive storms.

Laminated glass is the preferred choice for residential properties, providing multiple glass layers and reinforced by industrial-grade plastic layers. These windows come equipped with durable frames that aren’t found in traditional windows.

Besides impact windows, experts strongly recommend that roofing shingles be inspected right before the hurricane season’s arrival. Even the slightest hint of shingle damage on the roof can result in leaks. If ignored come hurricane season, it’ll become a weak link in the whole roofing system. Fixing damaged shingles doesn’t cost a lot of money, so there’s no reason for property owners to skip it.

Finally, disaster experts warn against complacency when it comes to cracks and penetrations in buildings and homes. Even a tiny crack may cause a lot of inconvenience as a hurricane or massive storm approaches. The unwanted entry of water and moisture wreaks havoc on any living space. Fortunately, addressing those leaks is relatively straightforward as you only need to purchase and apply a high-quality sealant. In this case, a couple of bucks and a few minutes of effort could save a building or house from a hurricane disaster.