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How To Choose the Perfect Skip Hire For Any Project


Choosing a skip hire isn’t as easy as it may seem. Find out what you need to determine before selecting the right skip type for your specific waste management needs.

Choosing the right skip bin hire can be a difficult task. First, you want to ensure that you have the perfect skip for your particular project or event. We will talk about different tips on choosing the right skip hire for your needs and the type of project you are doing. Whether it’s construction, renovation, or hosting an event, certain skips will work best for what you need!

Determine the Type of Wastes

When choosing the right skip bin hire, you need to identify the type of wastes you are hauling. Whether it’s construction, renovation, or hosting an event, a certain skip can carry the appropriate amount for your needs and purpose. In addition, different skips work better with other materials like dirt, asphalt shingles, concrete or paving stones–or even soil!

Choose the Correct Skip Bin Size

When choosing the right skip bin, you need to identify how large your project is. You want a skip that can carry all of the materials for one job without having to hire more than one skip hire Adelaide, which will cost you more money in the long run! For example, if you are doing a small renovation or hosting an event and know you have just a few bags of trash or recycling, don’t get the largest skip bin. Instead, go for one that is slightly smaller so you can save on costs!

Identify The Type of Skip Bin

Now that you know the waste you’re throwing and the size of the skip bin you need, the next step is choosing which type of skip bin to get. There are many different types, with some being more popular than others. For example:

  • Traditional Skips: One of the most common skips you can hire is a traditional one consisting mostly of B-dumping lids that will open outwards and have an internal bucket for loading your waste into–except the bucket, which will have a lid.
  • Hooklift Skip Bins: Also known as walk-in skips, hooklift skip bins are usually much longer and will have a ramp for loading your waste materials.
  • Roll-Off Skips: This skip is often more expensive, but it does offer the convenience of having one large opening that will allow you to dump all of your wastes in without any hassle!
  • Compactor Skip Bin: The compactor bin has an encased conveyor belt and crusher that will break down your waste into small pieces.

If you’re unsure which type to choose, always go for a traditional skip bin as it is cheaper and easier to handle. You can also contact the skip bin company and determine which type of ideal is for your needs.

Determine the Price

The final thing you need to know is how much the skip hire Adelaide will cost. You can find this information by calling a company and asking what size of skip they have, what area they cover, and how much their standard prices are–but don’t forget about delivery costs!