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Solar Panels Adelaide Are Becoming More Popular in Australia


There’s an ongoing campaign for the commitment to solar power in Australia, and it should benefit the generations to come.

The constant growth of the solar industry in Australia has seen a recent increase in the number of Solar Power systems being installed across the country. Just recently, for January 2016, there was an impressive 20% rise in installations compared to last year. This number is well above that of 2015’s, which had an increase of 13%, with a total of 3,453 kW being installed.

South Australia is one of the states where many solar panels had been installed, with 250 kW being reached within the first week of January. It reached 1,840 MW of solar energy, which is more than the second place, New South Wales, which has had 530 MW. This number has not only proven that there is an increase when it comes to installations from Climat-SOLAR but that the state also leads as far as overall capacity goes.

On top of this, a total of 439 kW was installed in Victoria last month. This number might not seem like much compared to that of other states and territories, but it’s still quite impressive as it represents an increase of nearly 40% compared to what was installed in January 2015.

The month of February is still young, but more than a hundred kW of Solar Panels Adelaide have been added. This number might not be as impressive as the ones before it, but they’re still worth looking at as this marks over 20% growth for all of last year.

The solar power industry in Australia has come a long way since its first beginnings developing around ten years ago. It managed to stay hidden a little until the end of 2012, and that was when it truly began to grow into something more than just an affordable alternative source of renewable energy. The past five years have seen installations across the country growing at an average rate of around 20% per year.

Of course, while these numbers are great to look at, it’d be better if people looked at other aspects regarding the solar industry’s growth in Australia. These include the cost of installing Climat-SOLAR (which has decreased considerably over the past couple of years) and maintenance, which has also become cheaper over time.

It seems that solar power systems have truly found a place here in Australia, and it looks like they’ll be around for quite some time to come. They’ll keep on growing as long as people see the benefits it can bring to their lives. These include environmental and financial benefits, two of the most important aspects that we should always consider.

There are still many people who have yet to jump onto the solar wagon, and it seems like they’ll have no choice but to do it soon as more and more people take advantage of this amazing alternative source of power. We can only hope that the number will continue growing at such a rapid pace, as this will provide everyone with a cleaner and less expensive source of power that they can rely on for many years to come.