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The Ways the Affordable Net Wrap Helps in Baling Hay

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Net wrap remains the most viable option today when it comes to baling hay.

A net wrap is a mainstream option in baling hay, yet some farm owners still don’t give it enough value. Aside from being practical, net wrap is beneficial to farmers for several reasons.

1. It helps in air circulation and containment.

There’s no question about it, and hay is much healthier if given enough breathing room from the inside. Net wraps promote air circulation, which helps with keeping your grass dry and fresh, smelling throughout the baling season. In addition, the net wrap helps to keep pests out. Aside from being a convenient way of covering your hay wagons, rolls, or bales, net wraps are known for their effectiveness in keeping birds and other animals away.

2. It makes baling work easier and faster.

If you’re not convinced on how cool this is yet, we’ll let you in on another little secret. Net wraps help save time during baling hay because you can pull the net off as soon as it is finished with its job – no unwrapping labour is needed

Secondly, using a net wrap for baling makes more accessible work of bale identification. Since there’s an opening in the middle of the net, you can easily tag and number every bale. This helps when multiple loads of hay are unloaded from hay wagons within a short period and when you need to keep track of the hay for sale or use in livestock feeding practices.

3. It stops the hay from scattering.

It’s inevitable that, eventually, hay gets scattered all over the place. Net wraps hold the hay to its original spot until you are ready to separate them from other bales nearby.

4. It repels water and keeps your hay dry.

The way the affordable net wrap is woven is meant to keep moisture out from the inside, even in heavy rain or snow. In addition, the tightly woven mesh fabric used to make this net bag can withstand any amount of precipitation, making it a more viable transportation option for farmers who have to travel long distances with their hay wagons.

If you’re looking for more uses of net wraps, visit our website to learn how they can also be used to transport and store other farm products. Also, check out our blog posts on hay storage tips, bale identification, and creative ways to use hay net bags around your farm!

4. It saves time and money.

Hay netting has been known for making baling work easier, faster, and more efficient, which is pretty much a triple threat to saving time, money, and labour around the farm. Aside from that, net wraps are known for their effectiveness in keeping hay contained and free from pests.

As mentioned earlier, using an affordable net wrap as part of your baling or storage system will help you keep track of individual bales – this is especially useful when you have multiple hay loads on the same day or when you’re trying to keep track of your hay use in livestock feeding practices.

In addition, since net wraps are strong enough to repel water and moisture from getting in, they are a more viable transportation option for farmers who must travel long distances with their hay wagons. This means that you can save money on storage and transportation costs.