Perth Legal experts share the top three traits that the right family lawyer should have to educate people who are looking for legal guidance on their family matter.

A family issue that results in a lawsuit can be a highly emotional and stressful time for both parties. Divorce, domestic abuse, drug addiction, and infidelity are just a few of the issues surrounding domestic conflicts.

These issues can be taxing to both parties and will play into future legal proceedings. That’s why finding the ideal family lawyer is an absolute necessity.

“Family lawyers come in different packages,” says a legal representative from Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers. “Each has unique traits and qualities.”

Legal experts believe that there are three core traits that a family lawyer should have. These characteristics will effectively help you get through this emotionally stressful point in your life.

Let’s go over the top three traits that a good family lawyer Perth needs to have. Keep in mind that this opinion is based on the experience of Perth legal experts. These are the characteristics that your family lawyer should manifest:


The ideal family lawyer should be able to sympathise with your current situation and what you’re going through. While remaining professional, they should also have compassion that will help keep your emotions in check. They will make sure you don’t get carried away during the legal proceedings.

At the same time, your family lawyer will also be able to synchronise with your emotional state of mind as they represent you in court. For instance, gaining custody of your child is a very important thing for you. Your family lawyer will be able to channel that emotion while communicating to the judge during the hearing.

Negotiation skills

Having good negotiation is necessary to any family lawyer’s skill kit. That’s why your family lawyer should have regular training in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which is an advanced-level negotiation technique used during property settlement and child custody. If your lawyer has gone through the ADR training program, he or she should be a master at settling disputes that will leave both parties satisfied.

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between negotiating and competing. Your lawyer should be able to negotiate a fair condition instead of trying to outwit the opposition.

A focus on child welfare

Almost every family issue leaves children in the crossfire. That’s why a good family lawyer Perth will always put the children’s welfare above all other concerns. The right lawyer will help negotiate a parenting agreement that involves both parties agreeing to a fair and legal condition. The condition usually features a situation in which the children are given adequate time to spend with each parent.

A good lawyer will never take sides. Instead, they will look towards a fair and even resolution between both parties. They will not encourage you to use manipulation to control your child and turn them against the other parent. They will also not resort to giving false testimony. A good lawyer will always be honest and transparent, no matter the situation.

Family lawyers with these three traits are incredible assets that will help you reach a fair settlement of your family’s case. That’s why legal experts encourage you to assess your family lawyer first before fully committing to them.